The Val d’Isere Files – 2

Monday, March 26 2007 @ 06:48 PM UTC

Contributed by: james

Woke to find that the snow had carried on all night. Apparently there was a break in the dumping, no so as you would notice from the evidence. The car was buried even more than the previous evening, and our little bit of La Daille looked all alpine and chocolate box-like. Actually, I was woken by all the activity of the local authorities clearing the roads and if that wasn’t enough, the avalanche blasting started.

It was a bit of a shame really, I was up before breakfast but this was not going to be an early start day. All the lifts were shut at the normal opening time, with a progressive opening planned as things got sorted

Eventually when we did get out, with a plan of getting to Tignes Les Brevieres for lunch, we got to the top of the Belvarde to find acres of glorious powder. The only problem was that the lift we needed was shut. After a bit of pondering, I saw that Tommeuse chair lift was just opening. Decision made. We got the eighth chair after it opened. We reverted to plan b, ski back down from the top of Tommeuse in all this powder. Wonderful stuff. The visibility was coming and going, so not a lot of opportunity for glory track pictures.

We skied back down to the Borsat chair, still closed. There was some activity, and it turned out that it opened after about a minute. We got the fourth chair on that.

For those that know the area, we followed the standard route to Tignes Les Brevieres, using the chair lift Tichot out of Val Claret, then Gratalu, Grand Huit and Aiguille Percee. The obvious thing to do then on a boys-on-tour day was the enormously long black run Sache all the way down. This was a good if exhausting choice. It is a genuine black pretty much all the way. Unlike Alpe d’Huez’s Sarenne, which claims to be Europe’s longest black run at 18Km. With Sarenne, only the top bit is really black, the rest is a nice pootle down. Sache was pretty much all black, the deep powder and by then hopeless visibility made for a very challenging run. Good fun, but a lot of effort for a long way. The view of Les Brevieres was very picturesque as it came into view, and we distinctly heard a bottle of Gamay de Savoie calling our name.

Today’s restaurant, gets top marks. Excellent location just over the bridge when you get to the village, excellent quality pizzas, an of course a bottle of the local red. It’s called l’Armailly, thoroughly recommended by your intrepid reporters.

Back at the chalet, a bit of a disaster. The chalet ran out of bottles of beer!!!