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 La Rosiere File – 3   
 Sunday, March 11 2007 @ 11:33 AM UTC
 Contributed by: admin

Ski NewsSunday 11th March 2007 – Back in St Albans

As I have already noted, the weather in the Alps can certainly change quickly. Each day this week was different to the previous. As for the end of the week, Thursday was low level cloud and zero visibility. Frankly is quite depressing and was the principal cause of a very long lunch – which was quite nice. There is still a lot of accessible off-piste on the La Rosiere side. It was more spring-like rather than powder though, heavier and not much fun in zero viz.

So it came as a little disappointment to find when we got back to the chalet that others had been over to Italy to find that it was completely different – the blue sky and powdery conditions of the day before!!

Friday – last day. Only one decision. Off to Italy. It may be worth pointing out that La Rosiere is on the French road RN90 that goes over the Petit St Bernard Pass to Italy. When we are then skiing down to the Piccolo San Bernardo Pass over in Italy we are 300-500m higher than at La Rosiere. The powder is due to higher slopes rather than an enhanced Italian sense of style.

Style, ah that reminds me. The most notable thing about La Rosiere / La Thuile is the commonplace wearing of really old one-piece ski suits. Really tasteless things that we had hoped were consigned to the 80s. Of the more acceptable designs were old Degre-7 purple and turquoise numbers, finished off with Salomon SX-92 boots. You feel that you have slipped back a couple of decades.

Anyway, back to skiing on Friday. Superb. We had nice slopes and blue skies (although cloudy in the afternoon). We spent as much time off-piste as was possible, it’s all so accessible, fun and manageable! The most amazing thing was how much fluffy powder we were still able to easily happen across. The off-piste skiing of the area should be promoted much more – if you look at the piste map you may think that there is not much there. All the extra stuff really makes the resort. All the pictures are now loaded up in the media gallery section of this site, I may modestly note that they show the area off fairly well.

And that was the week’s skiing. All that was left was driving back on the Saturday. A note about driving to and from the Alps: the French school half term holidays trash the motorway network. We may complain about the M25, but when your whole network can’t handle what happens every year (on a number of weekends) there are some issues to be sorted. There was the complicating matter of the Mont Blanc tunnel being closed, this slugged all the motorways in the Savoie region. So the journey was rather long, too long really. Anyway, I don’t really care. Because the skiing was brilliant!


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