The La Rosiere Files 2

Wednesday, March 07 2007 @ 05:23 PM UTC

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Wednesday 7th March 2007

The last few days have certainly been different. Monday was pretty much zero visibility. Tuesday was blue sky but extremely windy, really quite cold. It snowed overnight and today, Wednesday, was blue sky and powder snow. The best skiing weve had this year.

We popped over to Italy, it being a nice day we thought we would be able to see it this time. When we got there we found loads of off piste covered with a decent depth of the finest powder possible. We spent the time carving out tracks off piste having a glorious time. (Its fairly cold so all this new snow should last.) Skiing down to the Petit St Bernard Pass (or Piccolo San Barnardo Pass, if you are reading an Italian map) was like floating on air, the off piste was that soft an d powdery. Needless to say we took care to get photographic evidence of our off-piste craft, which has been uploaded in the media gallery.

Important lunch point, we ate at the St Bernard Pass Bar /Restaurant, not the little bar nearby we ate at on Sunday. This place (the brown building in the picture) is a proper restaurant with decent food (and Italian Gamay wine) and central heating.

Incidentally, the large whitish building in the picture is the old customs house (it being just by the border with France). Just to indicate how much snow is about, its a 4 storey building!