The La Rosiere Files

Sunday, March 04 2007 @ 06:41 PM UTC

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Monday 5th March 2007

The view as you go over into Italy is spectacular, apparently. Low cloud and snow on and off all day meant we didn't see very much. The snow was great though. Highlight was a choccy stop, and the most OTT hot chocolates, while it snowed steadily outside.
This was in the mountain restaurant at the bottom of the La Fourclaz express chair in the La Thuile area. It's a really nice cosy place.

We skied on down into La Thiule, down what was marked as a red run. Now, I know that we are used to Va d'Isere's grading system, which probably would have had it marked as a green nursery slope. Evenso, it was no worse - if not a bit easier - that, for example, the blue runs down into Meribel. La Thuile is a characterless industrial estate. So we came straight back out of the place.

Lunch ended up in a bar / restaurant at the bottom of the Piccolo San Bernardo chair. The food was ok - pannini, focaccia sort of thing - but they didn't waste money on heating. Consequently, we just felt chilly leaving lunch.

Sunday 4th March 2007
The important stuff first. The snow is excellent, far better than the conditions we had at La Tania in January. All the pistes appear to be open, and there would seem to be a lot of fairly manageable off-piste. Today was very warm. The dump of

Snow conditions are pretty much what you’d expect for spring skiing: main resort routes are hard-ish in the morning, the vibrations making your feet tingle after a run down; later on everywhere is softer and as the afternoon draws on it becomes very much like “spring snow”, I tried a little between-piste stuff in the afternoon and it was fairly heavy. Slightly higher than resort level the pistes are soft powder. Glorious stuff.

La Rosiere itself is a medium sized resort. Building seem to be the oirder of the day. There are enough runs to cope, but if they want to expand the place even more they need to open up more bits of mountain. They really ought to upgrade some of the older lifts – extraordinarily long drag lifts and the odd three man no-detachable chair. They are generally improving the place, these things take time. My general impression so far is that it is quite a decent place.

Quick update on travelling here. It is still in the French half-term period. Consequently the roads were fairly chocker from Chambery onwards. We didn’t intend to ski on the day we drove down so this was not a major problem for us. Worth bearing in mind though.

Some pictures have been uploaded to the media gallery, including a rather natty one of me skiing – perfect angulation of the hips even if I say so myself. Further updates will follow.