La Tania is Getting Ready!!!

Sunday, December 10 2006 @ 09:49 AM UTC

Contributed by: admin

After a tense start to winter, snow has started falling on the alps, and La Tania in particular. The prospects of a decent amount of skiing have drastically improved!!!

Everything from cracks in the pavement and the Bolivian national debt through to a flower blooming late in the year is blamed on global warming. Along with those goes the late start to the snow fall in the alps, which has been pretty late for the last couple of years. Now, I have an opinion about man over-stating his effect on the planet and the whole process of increase in pollutants leading to change in climate being on such a longer timescale anyway as to make to current hysteria in the press rather strange. However, if snow ain't there it ain't there, whether that's due to Samatha driving the kids to school in Fulham in the X5, sunspots, a tilt to the earth's axis or simply one of those things that periodically happens. Still, it looks like the season is now starting.

Resources on the web that you may be interested in:

Live La Tania webcam

Ski Beat and Chalet Emeralde click through to La Tania and Chalet Emeralde

If you have been to the Three Valleys area in the past year (e.g. you were with us in St Martin de Belleville last January) you will have one of those rechargeable lift passes. In which case you can recharge it online. Click here to reload your liftpass You will need to have your lift pass with you and in the appropriate place type in the long reference number on the back up the side. If you order this side of the New Year they will deliver it to your home (they say order 10 days in advance). If you are renewing, go for a full Three Valleys lift pass.

People who need a new pass can go via the above link also. Absolute beginners will also need a liftpass. I would suggest absolute beginners go for a Courchevel valley pass – there’s loads of skiing in this valley alone. And if you do want to come with the others futher afield later in the week you can get a day lift pass extension if needs be. If in doubt, have a chat – you could even post query on the forum on this site!

Ski and boot hire: Various choices. This place appeared best value Intersport La Tania

Insurance: Loads of choices, most people have annual travel insurance. One of the easiest ways is to make sure that your insurance states that it covers winter sports. Alternatively, when you buy your lift pass click the “avec assurance” box. This gets you the basic “get that helicopter” type insurance and will ensure you are safely looked after and deposited at the medical centre (or pub). In both cases, you must have the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) – the replacement for the old E111.